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We are the premier location in Houston to help you pass inspection, Harris County’s own truck was serviced by our talented team to pass their own inspection. Services include:


Food Truck Repairs in Houston

Don’t be discouraged when your food truck starts to fail, our professionals at Trailer King Builders have your back at all times. 

Many entrepreneurs can get nervous or stressed whenever they see there’s something wrong with their food truck. However, it is nothing to worry about. When you have the right team of professionals helping you out no matter what, your food truck will be repaired in less time than you thought. 

Trailer King Builders and its team of professionals are ready to help no matter what. If you are looking for a reliable place in Houston that will help you out with repairs to your food truck, we are the ones made for it. Work with professionals and request a quote for your repair. 

Get The Best Repair Quality

The future of your food business depends on your food truck. Without the right repair quality, you can risk creating even more significant damage to your truck. With the help of Trailer King Builders, you won’t have to worry about not getting the right quality. Our many years of experience have trained us to identify the issue immediately and act quickly so you can leave with your truck in a matter of days (or less)! 

Our services include hood & fan installation and weld, electrical, and hood fabrication. We are the premier location in Houston to help you pass inspection and give you the best quality service out there. 

Repair Your Food Truck With Us

Trailer King Builders has the quality you need in your food truck. No matter what the issue is, we can find it and start working on it ASAP.  Time is crucial, so start repairing your truck with us. 

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