Can I Park My Food Truck At My House in San Antonio?

As a food lover looking to venture into the food truck industry, you might ask yourself specific questions such as, can I park my food truck at my house? The answer may vary depending on your location in San Antonio, TX. City of San Antonio 311 City Services & Info, states that “parking a mobile vending unit on private property is permitted with written, notarized permission, and toilet facilities are available and convenient.” 

Ensuring you comply with your area’s zoning laws is also essential. But you shouldn’t feel frustrated when researching information about your new business proposal and legal regulations. We’ll make this easy for you by discussing the key factors. Let’s get started. 

Essential Mobile Food Vending Parking Restrictions

If you plan on taking your food truck to the streets of San Antonio, a valid license is paramount. However, you must also observe additional parking and other regulations for smooth sailing. Look at the list below to learn more about these restrictions according to the City of San Antonio 311 City Service & Info.

Parking By A Restaurant 

Ensuring that your vending business is at least 300 feet away from any licensed food establishments is essential in a commercial area. To do so legally and protect yourself against future consequences, make sure to obtain written permission from each of the license holders. This authorization must be notarized for verification purposes.

School Restrictions 

You must keep a safe distance of 300 feet from any educational institutions if you wish to sell food, which means no vending one hour before school starts, throughout class hours, and not resuming until one hour after classes have been dismissed.

No Parking Near the Intersection 

To ensure the safety of everyone, parking your mobile vending unit within 50 feet of an intersection is strictly prohibited.

Mobile Food Vendor Code 

The City of San Antonio generally allows food trucks to operate on private property if they meet specific requirements. According to the city’s Mobile Food Vendors Code, food trucks must obtain a San Antonio Metropolitan Health District permit before operating on private property.

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