Trailer Build Out

We have a wide variety of concession trailer options, sizes ranging from 7’-8.5’ wide and any length, 14’, 16’, 18’, 20’, 22’ etc. If you’re looking for a competition trailer or a BBQ porch trailer, we can make it happen!


Opening a restaurant for the first time or getting more people to know and try your cuisine can be difficult. With the popularity, street food has had over the past years; a food trailer is a great solution and a gratifying experience.

If you’re looking for a way to succeed and create an impact in the food industry, at Trailer King Builders we are food truck builders in Houston and can help you out! We design and build-out unique and shocking food trailers in Houston that will get you rolling with style,

Attract customers with our unique designs!

How Trailer King Builders Works

We have a group of experienced designers and builders who are trained continuously and learning new skills to bring your dreams to come true. We can adapt and build-out food trailers and food trucks. All with personalized and unique designs that follow the type of food our clients make and their style.

Food Trailers vs. Food Trucks

Both food trailers and food trucks have advantages and disadvantages over the other. The best one for you will depend on your needs and capabilities.

A food truck allows you to move around with more freedom; however, space is reduced. While a food trailer provides probably all the space you need to add more equipment, windows to serve, or a larger brand impression on the sides.

Our experts can help you figure out what is best for you, and regardless of what you choose, we will build it out according to your requirements and needs.

Start Rolling & Provide Your Clients With An Exclusive Experience

It’s incredible the quality of food you can find among food trailers. You can also start sharing your love for food on a unique ride.

Provide your clients with a unique experience with a truck trailer that expresses your brand, personality, and cuisine. By the first look, they’ll get a taste of your delicious food; our team, along with you, will bring your trailer food to life.

We also have financing options available, with accessible weekly plans. Money shouldn’t be holding you back from becoming the next preferred rolling food business in town!

Trailer King Builders Quoting system!

We will guide you through the steps of requesting a custom quote for us to build your dreamed Truck.