Custom Commercial Food Trucks in Texas


Distinguishing yourself from your competition should be one of your main goals.

As an entrepreneur, you are facing many challenges. The biggest challenge is your competition, especially in the food industry. There are thousands of restaurants all over Texas, and you need to make sure that your brand is the one that distinguishes from the rest.

If you’re looking to target all ages, the best way is to build out a commercial food truck, and the best way to communicate uniqueness in your food truck is to work with professional builders that can translate your essence into the food truck. 

Trailer King Builders is a professional food truck building company that’s based in Texas. We have helped many entrepreneurs all over Texas by taking their food company to another level. Our many years of experience is what has helped us listen to our customer’s wants and needs and exceed their expectations once the food truck is finished.

Food Truck Benefits for Your Food Business

Food trucks’ popularity has been growing more and more lately. If you already have a restaurant and are looking to expand, choosing to do so with a food truck is the best choice for:

It’s Cheaper Than Building or Renting Another Location

Getting a food truck is definitely more cost-efficient than looking for a new location. Moreover, food trucks attract a good amount of people thanks to their popularity and will help you look like a modern restaurant owner.

Reach More People

Food trucks are mobile restaurants. This feature can be exploited and used at your advantage. With a food truck, you can find the best location to serve your food. Is the business not going so well where you are located? Find a new location and move your food truck there. You will have way more options than with a brick and mortar location.

Fully Customizable

From its interior and all the kitchen equipment and requirements, you need for your specific type of food to its exterior and all the branding and logistic features, such as the number of serving windows you want to serve your customers.

Why Trailer King Builders? 

Many entrepreneurs have trusted our professional builders because we deliver excellence in every food truck we build. Not only we are committed to creating a food truck that represents only you but we are also willing to help you buy it. No matter what your food business is about, we can customize your food truck just how you need it. 

Sometimes, entrepreneurs cannot pay fully. Which is why we have financing plans to help you buy your own food truck. Reach out to our professionals and ask for Rent 2 Own so we can start building your brand new food truck now.

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