Custom Food Truck Builders in Texas


Advertise your own brand in your customized food truck with Trailer King Builders in Texas. 

In the food industry, your brand and style are what distinguish you from any other business. To make your brand known, you need a quality food truck that yells your brand whenever it is on the streets.

Customizable food trucks are the key element for your business. If you want to build awareness of your business through your food truck, design your own food truck with Trailer King Builders. We are custom food truck builders in Texas that are more than ready to help you.

Trailer King Builders is a professional food truck building company based in Texas. We have helped many food businesses create and design their food truck to their liking. Get amazing results from experienced builders and customize your food truck with us.

Get Your Own Unique & Original Food Truck


At Trailer King Builders, we know no food business is as similar to another one. Therefore, our custom food truck builders in Texas want to help you customize your food truck to your liking. Our process is very simple:

  1. Bring us your service truck and we can convert it into a rolling food truck
  2. Or, we can also find your truck and create the perfect truck for your business.

Our designers can give your truck that unique look that communicates your brand perfectly. As you drive your food truck through locations, heads will turn and your brand will be known everywhere.

Request a quote for your food truck and let’s start designing your own food truck together. 

Roll Out in Your Brand New & Unique Food Truck

Our custom food trailers builders in Texas deliver quality in all of their work. At Trailer King Builders we strive in providing the best results in Texas and are constantly exceeding customer expectations. Get a quote for your new food truck and let’s start designing right away. 

Request a quote for your brand new food trailer.

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