Start Your Custom Catering Trailers Business in Texas

Are you thinking about starting your own food catering business in Texas? If so, you should work with a reliable custom catering trailer company that’s ready to build your dream food trailer.

Trailer King Builders is a locally owned company that builds food trailers customized to meet your needs. Our team is professionally trained and has all the resources needed to provide you with what you ask for. We want you to be involved in every step of the way, and your opinion matters at all times.

The Benefits of Working With Us 

Rent to Own Financing Solutions 

Trailer King Builders offers rent-to-own financing services with the support of financial institutions. This alternative allows mobile food business owners to make weekly payments for their custom catering trailer. In this case, you should negotiate the payment according to your economic capacity, and once you reach the total amount, the trailer will be entirely yours.

Minimum Costs

Owning a mobile catering trailer is an investment; however, they’re cost-reasonable and cheaper than building a restaurant. The operational costs are pretty low and limited to food, supplies, and gas. So, you won’t worry about salaries, as a small team is more than enough and your taxes will be much lower.

High-Quality Materials

With over five years of experience, Trailer King Builders has helped many mobile catering businesses in Houston, TX, and surrounding areas. We have learned which materials are better during this time when to use them, and how to guide our customers in the design process properly. We only use top-quality products that will secure enduring use.

Take Your Business to The Next Level With Trailer King Builders

If you want to take your business to the next level, and ensure success with your mobile customer catering trailer, get in touch with Trailer King Builders. We always deliver high-quality results and exceed our customer’s expectations by providing fully customized trailers.

Contact us today and create with us a unique, eye-catching design that will attract every Houston resident in town. Remember that our custom catering trailers are budget-friendly, and we also provide financing solutions.

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