Effective Food Truck Repairs In Houston, TX.

Trailer King Builders' employee painting and repairing food truck

We know how much you can lose every day that your trailer is not out there in the street, providing your delicious food. But you must keep in mind that your trailer must be under the best conditions to provide an excellent service. 

At Trailer King Builders, one of our excellent services is providing food trailer repair in Houston. We have a team of the best technicians who work with excellent care, providing your food trailer with a safe and efficient service.

Contact us today if you need fast and effective food truck repair in Houston, TX! We are expert food truck builders, and we know food trailers from the inside out.

Get Your Food Truck Ready For The Streets In No Time

We know that in the food industry, time is an important factor. You need to provide your services as soon as possible because you must keep up with all the competition.

That is why Trailer King Builders provides food truck repair in Houston. We understand how much you have at stake, so our technicians are always available to work on your trailer as fast as they can

Be Prepared For Health Inspections

If your food trailer is not working as intended, you may have a problem with health inspections. Remember that you must prove that you can keep food fresh and safe in your trailer, so any electrical failure or even a small hole or scratch can get you in a lot of problems.

Luckily, you have the best food truck builders in Houston, TX, on your corner. We provide service repair for your food trailer. We are the premier location in Houston to help you pass inspection since we know food trailers like the palm of our hand.

Our services include:

  • Hood & fan installation and weld
  • Electrical
  • Hood fabrication

Don’t Lose One More Day Of Work

If you need your trailer truck repaired, trust our expert hands and stop searching for “food truck builders near me”. We can leave your customized trailer looking bright and shiny.

Don’t lose one single day of service because of your trailer problems. Contact us today for excellent customer service! We offer competitive prices, and our technicians are ready to start working right away.

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