Want To Start a Business? Join the Food Trailer Industry


If you are a Houston resident and want to embark on your entrepreneurial journey in the food industry, joining the food trailer industry is the right choice.

Because Houston has become popular for its food trailers and has shown success, at Trailer King Builders, we will help you build a customized food trailer. We even provide you with financial solutions so that you can get started immediately.

Why Food Trailers?

Food trailers work because you can sell any food you’d like in any location you can find.

In Houston, food trailers are known to offer more than just hamburgers and hotdogs. You can sell lobster, beignets, Cuban sandwiches, Tex-Mex, or anything else you prefer, allowing you to venture on this business with your particular food type proficiency.

This business idea also works because of the flexibility and customization we offer while building your food trailer. Trailers are bigger than food trucks, and with more space, there’s a lot more you can do and a lot more we can work on and customize to your preferences.

We will equip your trailer with all the kitchen equipment you need to sell the food type of your choice. Let us know what you need your trailer to have, and we’ll make it happen.

Unparalleled Build-Out Services

At Trailer King Builders, we provide fabrication, installation, customization, and even repair services for your food trailer.

We can help you design the exterior of your trailer with your brand colors, business name, slogan, and more. When you drive around or park to service customers, you’ll be your own marketing billboard.

Also, we will customize the interior of your food trailer for better and smoother operations. Any equipment or accessories you need, we have you covered. Even if you need more extensive windows for more ease at the time of service, we can also give you a hand at that.

The best part is that if at some point you want to make any more changes, we will get it done. It’s our priority to give you the tools you need to both serve your customers and work in the comfort of your customized food trailer.

Get Your Business Going With Trailer King Builders

We are a reliable company in Houston that wants to see your business grow.

Work with us, and let our team of experts design and install everything you need for your food trailer. You’ll be informed during every step of the process and will have your dreamed food trailer.

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