Food Trailer Manufacturers in Texas

Get your own food trailer with the help of our manufacturers at Trailer King Builders.

At Trailer King Builders, we are food trailer manufacturers in Texas giving the opportunity to entrepreneurs of growing and scaling their food trailer business.

We understand how hard it can be to start a business; therefore, we offer to our clients our food trailer manufacturing services. Our builders have been professionally trained outside the United States and have learned many techniques to deliver the best quality in Texas.

Quality Services Made For You

Trailer King Builders is different from any other food builder in Texas.

We build our trailers from scratch, and we involve our clients in the whole process. Our team works with specific design specifications and we work to bring them to life. 

Every design is custom-made for each client’s needs and goals. Not only we provide fabrication, but we also install all the cooking equipment and accessories. Our process looks like this:

  1. Tell us about your business. 
  2. Bring us your service truck and we will convert it into a rolling food trailer.
  3. If you don’t have one, we will make one just for you.
  4. We have a wide variety of concession trailer options in sizes

Our food trailer manufacturers in Texas can give your trailer that unique look that translates your brand perfectly. As you drive your food trailer through locations, heads will turn and your brand will be known everywhere.

Request a quote for your food truck and let’s start designing your new mobile establishment together. 

Enjoy Your Brand New Food Trailer

Our builders at Trailer King Builders deliver quality in all of their work. We provide the best results in Texas and constantly exceeding customer expectations. Get a quote for your new food truck and let’s start customizing your own food trailer.

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