Conversion / Build Out

Bring us your service truck and we can convert it into a rolling food truck!

We can also find your truck and create the perfect truck for your business. Were a one-stop-shop from finding a truck to converting it and wrapping the exterior! Work with our designers to give your truck that unique look, you will be turning heads as you drive your roaming kitchen.


Are you passionate about cuisine and have been thinking about opening your restaurant or expanding your services?

Food trucks are a great start that involves minimal risks and low investment. Food trucks also attract more customers, they are a fun way to operate, and they give you mobility capabilities around the whole town. Is a location not working? Don’t worry, move on to the next one and continue sharing your love for food.

Trailer King Builders helps you get rolling with style. With our food truck conversion, our creative designers will make your dream come true by converting a service truck into a unique food truck according to your requirements and unique taste. We have build-out many great food trucks in Houston, and you can also become one!

Personalized & Unique Designs

Trailer King Builders can provide fabrication and installation of cooking equipment and accessories according to your needs. But more importantly, we materialize your personality, food passion, and style into a unique design that will make everyone turn around as you pass by.

We build eye-catching food trucks that represent our clients’ brand. As every single food truck is unique, you are always involved during the whole design and build-out process, and if at some point you want a change, we will get it done.

It’s Time to Get Out The Entrepreneur in You

Whether it’s your first food business or you want to expand your current business, a food truck is a way to go!

We are ready to support you from the start. From food truck conversions to food truck build-outs. If money is what’s holding you back, ask about our financing plans. We work directly with several financing companies with excellent payment options.

It’s time to get out the entrepreneur in you and become the next food icon in Houston!

Trailer King Builders Quoting system!

We will guide you through the steps of requesting a custom quote for us to build your dreamed Truck.