The Greatest Food Truck Styles to Start a Mobile Catering Business

In recent years, the mobile catering industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar business with an annual growth rate of 7.9%. It’s no wonder that food trucks are becoming increasingly popular across the country. In fact, Houston, TX is one of the top culinary hubs in the US, where consumers are chasing the city in search of delicious cuisine at affordable prices.

Food trucks currently represent a cost-effective solution for chefs or entrepreneurs who can’t afford a brick-and-mortar restaurant. If you’re thinking about starting your own business, you need to know how to get everything set up and contact the best food truck builders in town. Let’s explore the different mobile catering platforms available on the market.

A Beautiful Food Truck or Step Van

The biggest benefit of choosing a food truck or step van is the simplicity of one unit. You won’t worry about towing anything, and the overall smaller size will make it easier to navigate through the city.

Like Trailer King Builders, food truck builders offer new or used units and can even transform your existing truck into a mobile kitchen. Keep in mind that the average food truck kitchen is 7-feet wide and is built out in the “box” space of the van. It’s a small kitchen – if compared to a food trailer, but it means less space to clean and fewer appliances to maintain.

A Large & Spacious Concession Trailer

Food trailers are mobile platforms that provide more space and storage. They can be anywhere from 12 ft to 26 ft long and can be customized for your specific business needs. 

Therefore, you’ll have more space for ingredients, cleaners, ovens, grills, and other cooking utensils.

The greatest advantage is the wide range of size options; however, they require a separate vehicle for transportation. They cost significantly less than food trucks and can include porches. Besides, they’re easier to keep clean since there’s more storage room for cleaning supplies.

Start Your Food-On-Wheels Business With Trailer King Builders

Trailer King Builders are the best food truck builders in Houston, TX. We’re committed to helping our clients thrive through a successful food-on-wheels business. We offer all of the mobile platforms mentioned above, plus transit vans, which are ideal for coffee-style-snow cone-Italian ice businesses.

Contact us today and learn more about our outstanding services at affordable prices. At Trailer King Builders, we guarantee high-quality finishes and professional guidance during the whole process.


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