Food Trucks Ready for Food Parks in Houston


When it comes to owning a food business, brick-and-mortar restaurants can be a hefty investment that not many are willing to take the risk of. Making money in the food truck industry is relatively easier and allows greater flexibility and creativity. At Trailer King Builders, we are your go-to food truck builders providing a unique way to kick start your business.

Trailer King Builders customized food trucks are perfect for any business; whether it be BBQ, fusion, fresh pizzas, or burgers, you can count on our team to give you exactly what you need to turn heads in your neighborhood.

Food Truck Build Out 

The great thing about food trucks is the endless opportunities you have to get creative and explore. At Trailer King Builders, we can take an existing truck and transform it into something you’ve never seen before. With customized fabrication and the installation of cooking equipment, and everything in between, we can get your food truck up and running in no time.

If you’re curious about whether or not a food truck is the right business for you, you might feel relief from knowing these advantages:

  • Low overhead costs and initial capital compared to opening a physical store
  • A greater expansion in customer reach allows for your business to grow in the community
  • The ability to move around allowing you to get greater exposure and the opportunity
  • Having a food truck is essentially free advertising and extra income

Our Goal 

At Trailer King Builders, our goal is to help Texas industry professionals and entrepreneurs finance, build, and launch their food truck business by providing them with the necessary tools and resources they need to get their business on its feet. Our ultimate goal is to see you drive out a beautiful food truck and for you to spread happiness with your menu.

We Bring Your Idea To Life

Getting started on your Houston food truck can seem next to impossible, especially if you don’t know where to start. That’s where the experts at Trailer King Builders step in to turn your dream into a reality. Whether it be by using an existing truck and transforming it or by providing you with an entirely new one, you can rest assured that we provide the opportunity to own your business.

With various options available for customization and size, you’ll find just what you need with our food truck builders.

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