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It’s a great time to be in the food industry. People are becoming more health-conscious nowadays, which is driving demand for desserts that are healthier than ice cream. Gelato is an excellent option as they have fewer calories, fat, and sugar than ice cream.

If you’re looking for a new business opportunity or want to change your current line of work, consider owning a gelato truck specially built for preparing and serving gelato by Trailer King Builders. We are your qualified food truck builders in Texas with years of experience in making entrepreneurs spread happiness with their menu!

Building Your Gelato Food Truck From Scratch

People get tired of the same old ice cream options; that’s why gelato is a great way to satisfy customers’ sweet tooth. It’s low in fat and calories but still packs a rich taste that will make you feel like it’s summer all year round.

We can help you design your truck’s layout and choose the right equipment so you can prepare and serve your gelatos perfectly. Some of the equipment that you could need depending on what you want to offer include:

  • Gelato dipping cabinets
  • Soft-serve/frozen gelato machines
  • Dipper wells
  • Condiment stations
  • Cone dispensers
  • Freezers & Refrigerators

Just let us know what you want to offer, we’ll take care of everything else! As food truck builders in Texas, all the designs are tailored to your particular demands and objectives. Also, we’ll handle the fabrication and installation of the equipment and accessories you need.

Choose The Best Food Truck Builders In Texas

We design complete food trucks from the ground up to the exact design specs outlined in your plans and then work with you to bring them to life. Our main objective is to quickly create a successful mobile food business so you can share happiness throughout the streets. Why us?

  • Free quotes
  • Financing options are available
  • Wide variety of concession trailer options
  • Unique interior and exterior design

Trailer King Builders can build your Gelato Food Truck from scratch. We have the experience and skills to ensure you’ll get a truck that will operate smoothly.

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