Hot-Dog Trailer Builders in Texas


If you’re looking to start a food business, a food trailer is the best option. The food truck industry has become a big hit in Texas over the last few years, thanks to its versatility and low initial investment, compared to restaurants and cafes. Even though you can serve any kind of food in a food truck, hot dogs are the easiest food to prepare – and one of the most popular and profitable.

In order to succeed with your hot dog trailer, you have to stand out. An original, custom-made food truck will help you get noticed and drive more business. If you’re looking for the best food trailer builders in Texas, look no further than Trailer King Builders. We can design and build a food cart, trailer, or truck unique to your business. Get in touch with us today.

Hot-Dog Trailers are Profitable

The American culture is grab-and-go. Studies show that Americans spent more than $3 billion in 2018 on hot dogs. So, as unbelievable as it sounds, you can make six figures annually from a hot dog business.

The main benefits of investing in a hot dog food truck are the low startup costs and the high markup. On average, a hot dog with its bun and condiments costs a vendor between 45 and 80 cents to prepare. Since on average a hot dog is sold for $3.25, the markup is almost 300 percent.

Hot dogs are also really easy and fast to prepare. This means you won’t need to hire specialized staff. One or two employees would be more than enough.

Trailer King Builders – Texas’ Favorite Food Trailer Builders

At Trailer King Builders, we’ve been building the most unique, high-quality food trailers in Texas since 2017. We fabricate and install the cooking equipment and accessories that you want and need. Through our trailers, we materialize your brand’s image, food passion, and style so you stand out from the rest and make everyone turn around as you pass by.

Since we want our final product to be exactly what you have envisioned, you are always involved during the whole design and build process. And if it’s money what’s holding you back, we offer different financing plans with affordable payment options.

Get Out the Entrepreneur in You With Trailer King Builders

There’s nothing holding you back anymore. Start the hot dog business you’ve always wanted with Texas’ favorite food trailer builders, Trailer King Builders. Get in touch with us today and let’s start building your dream hot dog food truck!

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