How Much Does Starting a Food Truck Costs – Part 2

Proper Planning When Launching A New Food Truck Business


Like any other business, you must plan ahead when designing your food truck business, so you ensure your road to success. There are many components to consider when creating a business plan.

In Part 2 we will emphasize on those points to take into account when creating your own business plan that are especially important when creating your food truck business, from setting up goals to considering working alone or hiring more people.

Set A Business Goal And Define Food Truck Startup Costs

One of the most important decisions to make when starting a food truck business is setting up your goals. Without goals, there would be no specific destination for you to achieve, and it can lead you down the wrong path.

The most convenient way to do this is by establishing objectives that are:

  • Smart
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable / Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-Bound / Timely Efficient

This means that each objective should be written in detail to explain how it will help grow your business into something more than just selling food on the streets. This will give your team members specific tasks and tell them how valuable their contributions are to the future development of your company.

For example, if you establish a goal that includes increasing profits by 10% every year, you should come up with ways to achieve that. These may include promoting new menu items or holding special events to get more customer traffic coming in. Oh! And never sacrifice quality. You should always aim for constant improvement to maintain consistent results.

Benefits Of Food Trucks

There are many benefits that come with owning a food truck. Among these, some of the most apparent are:

  • No lease
  • No rental costs
  • You can choose the best location for your business since the trucks are mobile
  • You can customize it the way you want

One option that entrepreneurs should keep in mind is custom food trailers. Since they’re built from scratch, custom food trailers can meet specific needs and preferences. And most importantly, food trucks can be designed to showcase the attributes and symbols of your brand.

Moreover, food trucks are mobile, meaning that you can change locations if needed more easily without looking for a place to rent beforehand. If there’s a location where you think you’ll be able to sell a lot, you can take your business there, and that’s one of the biggest benefits of food trucks.

Costs You’ll Likely Incur In A Food Truck Investment

The food truck start-up costs include everything from your inventory, overhead, labor, and of course, the truck! Be sure to work by the law and assign the correct salaries to each position. Following is a heads-up of the minimum wage salaries that your employees should receive.

  • Federal minimum wage – $7.25 per hour
  • The average wage for a food truck manager – $12.11

Be sure to deal with a reliable trailer builder so you maximize your food truck costs and maximize your investment.

List All Materials

We recommend that you make a list while you design the menu that includes all ingredients while considering the amount of each ingredient that each meal will include. Hence, you have a good perspective on your costs. Write everything that will pose a cost to you, so you can then estimate the sales you must finish to make a profit.

Should You Work Alone Or Hire A Team?

It will take time off your plate if someone else is updating numbers, for example. You can also hire part-time workers or freelancers responsible for certain tasks like working the cash register and helping you prepare the food. However, make sure to set up clear expectations with whoever you bring in because their performance will affect your company’s success.

Make sure to hire trustworthy people who will represent your food truck correctly and put your brand in a positive light. This is why training is a mandatory part of this business that highly relies on customer service. Each customer interacts with someone from your staff, so you must correctly train them.

If you have enough money to hire an experienced manager, do it since they understand how the industry works. Managers can provide valuable input whenever necessary because the entire team is directly responsible for providing excellent service and cleanliness inside and outside of your vehicle, and there should be a leader guiding them.

Plan Ahead Alongside Trailer King Builders

At Trailer King Builders, we will showcase your brand’s personality and essence through a beautifully built trailer. You’ll carry out your daily operations in a comfortable place that adapts to laws in your city regarding trailers.

Trailer King Builders is the leading food trailer builder in Houston, TX. Your food truck will stand out from the rest when you decide to work with us.

How Much Does Starting a Food Truck Costs


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