How To Pass A Food Truck Inspection: Part 2 – Health Inspection

How To Pass A Food Truck Inspection: Part 2 – Health Inspection

In the first article about how to pass food truck inspections, we covered some of the general inspection guidelines that a food truck must follow and focused on food truck maintenance. In this blog, we will be discussing health inspections.

These types of inspections are made on food trucks to ensure that they follow local food codes and that customers can trust that their food is safe to eat. This ensures not only the customer’s safety but also the employees’. Food trucks, as mentioned in Part 1, serve such large quantities of given food every day; it’s a possibility that at some point, there may be a problem with the handling or storage of the given foods properly.

Prepare For A Food Truck Health Inspection

A health inspector generally carries this out, but you may perform a DIY health check to prepare for the main inspection. Health inspections are done to ensure that food trucks meet code requirements.

Health inspectors usually check on:

  • Sanitation
  • Storage and labeling according to manufacturer recommendations
  • Food preparation
  • Team member behavior
  • Ventilation and running water
  • Equipment and evacuation safety
  • Paperwork and other legal requirements

You don’t want to be taken by surprise, so being prepared is the best thing you can do. Some of these items are more likely to be found in a health inspection than others, but it’s always good to cover all your bases.

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How To Pass A Food Truck Inspection


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