How To Pass A Food Truck Inspection: Part 3 – Food Safety

How To Pass A Food Truck Inspection: Part 3 – Food Safety

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Food trucks are a booming business. It’s no wonder why so many people are jumping on board with this new trend- you can have your own business without having to pay for expensive storefronts, hefty overhead costs, or the burden of being tied down by location. However, there is one hurdle that every food truck owner has to overcome: getting their food truck inspected.

We have already covered food truck maintenance and health inspections; it’s time to take a look at the 3rd category of food truck inspections: food! This is an important part of any business, and having it be safe for customers can make or break your reputation. We’ll cover what you need to know about proper equipment, handling, storing, cooking, and serving food to pass food truck inspections.

Food Safety Checklist

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When a health inspector pays a visit to your food truck, they look at particular areas to help safeguard the general public. The most significant aspects of an inspector’s evaluation are those that are directly linked to food.

Here are some critical food-related key points that you should keep in mind when preparing for a food truck inspection:

  • Have soap and paper towels on hand at all times.
  • Raw meats should be kept on the bottom shelf, away from ready-to-eat foods.
  • Keep food stored in safe temperatures.
  • Make sure the food is coming from an authorized source, licensed to process food, for example.
  • State of the food and the preparation process

Are You Ready For A Health Inspector Quiz?

You must properly train your employees on food safety practices, and they must be able to demonstrate a high level of knowledge in these areas. In many situations, inspectors will quiz you and your staff on this subject.

Look at these questions you or your staff may be asked:

  • Do you ever make anything in advance? What methods do you use for cooking, cooling, and reheating your preparations?
  • Are you aware of the correct storage temperatures for different foods?
  • Do you drain and wash all food items before serving them, and what is the process?
  • Do you prepare and serve potentially dangerous raw foods, such as eggs, meat, or poultry?
  • Who does your pest control?
  • What is your method to train new workers? Is your supervisor food safety certified?

Get Everything In Your Food Truck In Place With Trailer King Builders

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It’s crucial to have the proper equipment and accessories in your food truck to properly handle, store, cook, and serve food since it can become a potential hazard to customers’ health. Depending on the type of food you use to provide your products, these foods require precise time and temperature oversight to prevent food-related illnesses.

It’s not easy for any truck owner to obtain all of the equipment they’ll need to pass these inspections. Thankfully, Trailer King Builders can help you with all your food truck needs in Texas! We offer a range of equipment for any operation and can even build your food truck from scratch! We can provide you with:

  • Cooking equipment and accessories
  • Custom-made food trucks
  • Repair services
  • Unique design

We’re committed to providing the highest quality products with excellent payment options, so anyone in the industry can start their business today!

How To Pass A Food Truck Inspection


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