How To Pass A Food Truck Inspection: Part 4 – Employee’s Health

How To Pass A Food Truck Inspection: Part 4 – Employee’s Health

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Every food truck owner needs to make sure that their employees are in good health. If an employee handling food is sick in any way, they risk the integrity of the food and become a potential threat to the health of customers and other fellow employees.

The last but not least part of food truck inspections is employees’ health. We’ll walk you through what you can do to keep your food truck operational and pass health inspections.

How To Handle Sick Employees In Your Food Truck

The most important thing to do is keep your employees’ health in check. If you become aware that one or more of them are sick with a contagious illness, take these steps:

  • Keep your employees away from the customers. Don’t let sick employees handle food or get in contact with people who might get infected by their contagious illness.
  • Immediately send sick employees home or replace any of these workers who cannot work due to illness.
  • Keep track of sick employees and how long they stay out of work in their employee records.
  • Inform your customers about this issue if necessary. Be transparent, so they know what’s going on.

If you follow these steps, when an inspector comes to inspect your food truck, they will see that you took all necessary precautions to protect both customers and fellow workers from getting sick at your food truck.

What Can Happen If You Don’t Manage Sick Employees Properly?

If a customer gets sick and the illness is traced to your food, the health department has the right to examine your employees’ medical records and take samples of their food prepared. The goal of this measure is to find out what caused the sickness to avoid further contamination.

In certain cases, restaurants have been closed until all of their staff are free of illness, and the facility has been sanitized. Send your employees home if they present symptoms of a severe sickness to avoid this sort of closure and the associated damage to your food truck’s reputation.

Are You Ready To Pass Your Next Food Truck Inspection?

Make sure you have all of the equipment you’ll need for a food truck inspection, such as food safety, a healthy environment, and proper food truck maintenance. To ensure this, you could work hand in hand with a company dedicated to fabricating, repairing, and maintaining food trucks.

Besides that, stay committed to the safety of your employees and customers, having the necessary training to avoid any closure due to deficiencies in hygiene and safety practices.

How To Pass A Food Truck Inspection


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