Restaurants VS Food Trucks – Which One Is Easier To Start

Food trucks and restaurants both provide food for customers. Despite the name, food trucks typically stay parked in one location, but they can also move around to different locations. Restaurants, on the other hand, typically have a permanent location and don’t travel around.

Over the past years, food truck investment has increased significantly, becoming a major competitor to restaurants, but which one is the best to start?

Let’s get started with the differences between owning a food truck and owning a restaurant!

The Battle

Which One Requires More Money?

Owning a restaurant is much more expensive than owning a food truck, considering how expensive it can be to rent a building and pay that amount each month. Additionally, the maintenance and staffing costs in a restaurant add more expenses to your wallet. 


One of the main differences between restaurants and food trucks is that food trucks are small and mobile, giving owners the freedom to move around to find the best location, while restaurants rely a lot on their location. 


When you are starting a project, flexibility plays an important role. Food trucks are able to target more people from different areas, while restaurants rely on the area they are in. Additionally, the working schedule for restaurants is more strict than food trucks considering they can open and close to their desire.

Food trucks also have a flexible menu, meaning they can have seasonal menus or experiment with new dishes. This not only makes your venture with different ideas but also implements feedback faster.


Space is another evident difference between both ideas; restaurant people have a bigger area to sit on and enjoy their meal while food trucks have more limited space. However, it all depends on the location you are in and the space you have available.

Usually, restaurants have much more space but considering that food truck investments are becoming very popular, there are now food truck parks that make space more convenient.

Who’s The Winner?

After taking into consideration all these factors and possible scenarios, we can conclude the food truck industry is more convenient for people who want to start easy and on a budget. At the same time, restaurants are more risk-takers and ready to invest.

Ultimately, the answer to this question depends on your vision and how much dedication, love, and funds you will give to the project.

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