Kitchen Equipment For Proper Food Safety In Your Food Truck

Kitchen Equipment For Proper Food Safety In Your Food Truck

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Are you a food truck owner or operator? If so, by now you’re aware of how delicate it is to deal with food and customers, trying to always keep a quality standard. Even if you or the staff wants to do everything right, if the truck doesn’t have the right equipment, there are certain parameters you won’t be able to achieve.

To provide top-notch service, you have to step up the game. Get to know the right kitchen equipment for proper food safety in your food truck with us! Below you’ll find the items plus details and food safety tips; keep reading.

The Essentials

Every time you cook food in your truck, use these tools and appliances to help prevent food poisoning. Your kitchen should be stocked with food safety equipment that, when used correctly, can help keep your customer’s health intact. These are some of them:

Kitchen Sink

Handwashing is an essential step that you shouldn’t skip. Kitchen sinks will help your staff have their hands clean and the food that needs to be washed. However, avoid washing meat on it because it can lead to contamination.

Cutting Board & Utensils

You must have several cutting boards and utensils, so you don’t cross-contaminate the food. Use separate boards, plates, and knives. Also, clean them with hot, soapy water.


The use of a food thermometer will help you ensure the food is cooked at the required temperature to kill all the germs.


It’s essential to have a microwave, but it also depends on what kind of food you serve. When you use it, make sure to leave the food sitting for a moment inside it, so the cold spots absorb the heat. 


Having your food refrigerated in the right containers will extend its lifespan, so having the right refrigerator is important.

Your Best Source For Kitchen Equipment

Trailer King Builders provide food truck build-outs services. We aim to help food truck owners or operators give high-quality services with high-end equipment. Need any of the items mentioned above installed in your food truck? We got you.

Once you choose to work with us, you’ll find why our clients trust us. The food truck you’re dreaming about, we can make it a reality. Don’t waste more time and contact us.

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