Which Are the Most Popular Types of Food Trucks in Houston?


Getting into the food truck industry can seem like a daunting task and requires extensive research and hard work. While this is true, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds when you have the help of experienced professionals on your side.

The team at Trailer King builders has got you covered. We’ve got all the resources and tools you need to start your food truck business strong, and we strive to be by your side as you build a successful business. We specialize in building state-of-the-art food trucks designed to meet customer specifications and requirements.

If you’re ready to get started on your unique menu, our team is ready to help you get in the game with a jaw-dropping food truck.

Cuisines Shaping the Houston Food Industry

Before getting started with your food truck, it’s important to be well aware of the industry trends, your location, and what your audience is looking for. Houston has an incredible and well-known culinary history with a blended variety of global cuisines. It’s no surprise that food trucks have become a popular option for people all over the United States.

However, some cuisines – specifically served in a food truck, get more attention than others because of their creative delivery. Learning about some popular cuisines will help you get started on creating a unique menu for your customers. Remember, you can get as creative as you’d like.

Here are a few popular cuisines that are sure to get the attention of passer-Byers:



Barbeque food is a given; it’s something everyone loves to enjoy on the go, near the beach, at a park, or a fun event. You can always please a crowd with some delicious barbeque options.


Think burgers, but fusion style. Many people have turned away from the traditional burger and have instead gotten creative to offer unique sandwiches with unique sauces and toppings.


taco food trailer

You can’t leave out tacos when you’re talking about food trucks. Taco trucks are the original’s, and a brightly colored food truck offering tacos is sure to get the attention of just about anyone walking by.

Build a Food Truck In Houston 

When it comes to building a food truck, the opportunities are endless; you can be as creative as you desire. Working with the experts at Trailer King Builders gives you access to a group of experienced and dedicated individuals who are more than capable of bringing your dreams to life. Work with the best food truck builders in Houston.

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