Original Food Trucks for Sale in Houston, TX

Starting a new business is always a challenge, but opening a food truck comes with a unique set of difficulties. You have to be creative to stand out in such a competitive market. Therefore, you have to invest in your truck. At Trailer King Builders, we’re professional food truck builders. We’ll help you build the truck of your dreams.

By contacting Trailer King Builders, you’ll get a consultation. We’ll review your truck’s vision and help you bring it to life. Our builders have years of experience in the food truck industry, so we know what it takes to succeed. We’re the best team in Houston, Texas; come and see the quality of our work!

Trailer King Builders Brings Your Ideas To Life


If you have an excellent idea for a food truck, come to us! We’ll help you build an original, customized truck that will make your customers happy. We’re the leading food truck builders in Houston, Texas, ready to help you succeed. If you want to start a pizza truck, it won’t have the same appliances as an ice cream truck.

We know how to build each type of truck specifically for the kind of food you’ll be serving. Our team will review every detail with you, ensuring that the truck correctly represents your branding. Are you ready to get started? We can’t wait to assist you!

Why You Should Work With Us

High-Quality Equipment: We only use the best materials to construct our food trucks. This means we’ll make your truck with high-quality equipment that will last for years.

Efficient Team: We have a team of experienced professionals who know how to build food trucks quickly and efficiently. We’ll get your truck done in no time!

Satisfaction Guaranteed: We’re not happy unless you’re happy. We’ll do everything we can to ensure you’re satisfied with your new food truck.

Financiation Options: We offer financing options to help you pay for your new food truck. We want to ensure you can afford the truck of your dreams at Trailer King Builders!

Trailer King Builders: The Greatest Food Truck Builders In Texas

If you’re looking for the best truck builders in Houston, Texas, you’re at the right place. We’ll help you start your business with the right wheel at Trailer King Builders. We’ll provide top-notch equipment, and our team will exceed your expectations. 

Contact Trailer King Builders today for a free consultation with one of our representatives. We’re eager to see your business flourish!

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