Expand or Start Your Business.

Trailer King Builders works directly with multiple financing companies to provide our customers with excellent payment options towards owning one of our trailers.

Rent 2 Own offers affordable weekly payments to owners of mobile business trailers to help our customers acquire quality trailers.


Start your food business by acquiring the right food truck for you with the help of two amazing companies.

Starting a new food business or adding a food trailer to your business can be exciting for any entrepreneur. Food trailers open many possibilities for entrepreneurs that are looking to make their business known in Texas. However, not every business owner can afford to buy a food trailer. This not only frustrates the business owner, but it keeps him or her from reaching amazing goals for the company.

Lucky for all Texas residents, our team at Trailer King Builders and Rent 2 Own has teamed up and has created a fantastic financial solution for business owners.

Why Should You Opt For Financing?

Trailer King Builder offers the option to Texas residents on finding financing solutions to help you acquire a food trailer, and not just any food trailer but the food trailer of your dreams.

With our professional build-out service, in which you get to choose every detail you want your food truck to have, from the color to the size and even the kitchen equipment, together with the help of Rent 2 Own, we offer every entrepreneur an affordable and smart option to be able to afford your food truck.

Our main goal is to help entrepreneurs that wish to create a new path for their business. Rent 2 Own is a reliable company that finances entrepreneurs by offering a startup for their current market. If you wish to get a food trailer financing, Trailer King Builders has what you are looking for.

Financing is a better alternative because you won’t have to worry about having to lose a large amount of money in one go. With our financing services, you will be able to make recurring payments for a period of time, while already being able to use your food truck, and eventually paying it off to own it completely.

With the help of Rent 2 Own, we offer a financial option more viable than what banks may offer. You won’t have to fill up as much paperwork as you would with a bank, and our objective is to help you get your own food truck, and not get revenue from a loan.

Trust in Our Reliable Services

We understand that reliability and professionalism is at the top of your list. Therefore, our professionals at Trailer King Builders have strived into reaching that goal. Trust us and get amazing results for your financing and your brand new trailer built by us!

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