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When thinking about starting a shawarma food business but don’t want to make the hefty investment of owning a storefront, a food truck business is a perfect option for you. The Trailer King Builders work with Texas residents looking to create the food truck of their dreams by offering unique and customized options.

We can help you get started on building your dream by building your food truck. As food truck builders, we understand that the look of your brand is essential for your business’s success, which is why you can rely on our experienced team to create a masterpiece that will make your shawarma business thrive in Texas.

Benefits of Owning a Food Truck

Having your business operate out of a food truck provides you with unique advantages that you might not have otherwise with a storefront. Here are a few reasons why you should consider building your Texas shawarma business with a food truck platform.

  • Lower Expenses

When you own a food truck instead of a restaurant, your expenses are significantly lower. The starting costs are relatively less, and there are not as many building regulations that are required. With no servers and no dining room, you can save on those extra costs.

  • Creative Advantages

The food truck industry lets you get creative by allowing for a more decorative exterior for branding and a unique menu.

  • Marketing Opportunities

The flexibility of moving around gives you the chance to expand and share your brand. You can also take advantage of local events and partner with organizations to get your truck and brand known in the community.

Our Services 

At Trailer King Builders, we proudly build trailers from scratch to the same customizations and needs of each unique business and food truck. Our detailed services include the following:

  • Food Truck Build-out

If you already own a truck suitable for your business, we can convert it into a rolling food truck designed to your necessary specifications.

  • Repairs And Specifications

Whether you need repairs or help with passing inspection, you can count on Trailer King Builders to provide you with top-of-the-line service.

  • Trailer Build Out

We carry a wide variety of concession trailer options in a range of sizes.

Build Your Dream Business 

When it comes to shawarma, serving it from a food truck is an authentic and unique way to impress your customers. At Trailer King Builders, we are reliable food truck builders providing entrepreneurs with the opportunity to visualize and design their dream food truck.

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