Starting a Food Truck Business II: Mobile Food Vendor Permit Types & Fees

Make your mark on Texas’ flourishing culinary scene by joining the food truck trend! The Lone Star State is brimming with diverse cuisines, so why not make a splash and pave your path into this industry? If you’re wondering how to start a food truck business in Texas, you should know it doesn’t have to be daunting. Starting up a food truck can be both thrilling and rewarding. 

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve seriously considered this new business venture. Congratulations! You’re on your way to a new exciting chapter in your life. Entering the food truck business is not only fun but also profitable.

But before you start dishing out your unique flavors, you must have a permit to operate. In this blog, we’ll discuss the permit types and fees. Let’s get started! 


Businesses That Need a Food Vendor Permit 

If you’re aiming to open a food-related business, obtaining the necessary permit is essential. Not only will it protect your new venture, but it will also ensure the health and safety of your customers by preventing potential food-borne illnesses. 

This mobile food vendor permit is required if you operate a trailer, pushcart, kiosk, or intend to sell from coolers and hot boxes.


Types of Food Truck Permits 

In Austin, Texas, there are two types of permits for food vendors: unrestricted and restricted. 

  • Unrestricted permits allow food vendors to serve open beverages or meals from within their mobile units – think barbeque, ice cream, freshly cooked dishes, and drinks that staff members can handle.
  • A restricted permit gives vendors the license to provide their customers with packaged and wrapped food that must be kept hot or cold. With this type of permit, no cooking is allowed; however, an assortment of options, including pre-wrapped burritos, packaged frozen foods, and ready-to-go sandwiches, can all be served.


Types of Food Truck Fees 

The fee you’ll need to pay is based on the kind of permit you’re applying for. According to, an unrestricted permit costs $239, and a restricted one only requires a payment of $212.

Moreover, other fees may apply, such as mobile vendor re-inspection, fire inspection registration, manager certification, etc. For more information, visit this comprehensive guide for permit fees


Contact the Experts Trailer Builders in Texas 

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