Starting a Food Truck Business III: Central Preparation Facility: Needed or Not

First things first, what exactly is a central preparation facility (CPF)? 

To ensure that their food quality and ingredients remain consistent across all of their locations, restaurant chains depend on central preparation facilities (CPF). CPFs are built and staffed by culinary professionals with the expertise to process, store, and accurately manage ingredients. CPFs are purpose-built structures delivering a centralized hub where all foods can be prepared before being shipped to each location.

So now the question is, do I need a CPF if I have a food truck? Keep reading to get some answers! 


Do I Need a CPF In Austin? 

In Austin, for any food truck to receive its required maintenance, storage, cleaning, and waste disposal services, it must have a CPF contract.

If you need more information regarding contracts for CPF, visit the website:


Importance of a CPF 

Having a CPF can save time and money while streamlining operations by providing an all-in-one hub for food preparation and storage activities. Access to fresh ingredients, equipment, and additional staff right at your fingertips will help make your food truck more successful in no time! Also, the convenience of everything under one roof allows you to focus on what matters most – tantalizing customers with savory dishes.

Moreover, having a CPF significantly reduces the chances of food being contaminated or your business suffering hefty fines due to health code violations. With a CPF, you will be up-to-date with relevant regulations and have an environment safe for employees and customers.


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