Starting a Food Truck Business V: Mobile Food Vendor Pre-Application Checklist

Entering the food truck business is an increasingly popular choice with a good cause! They have much lower overhead costs than traditional restaurants, providing a unique dining experience and greater control over pricing. It also allows chefs to express creativity while exploring new dishes without breaking the bank. Furthermore, since they’re mobile by design, moving them around various locations will be easier than brick-and-mortar establishments.

But, like most businesses, you must follow all the regulations and rules to run a successful food truck business. This blog will discuss the key components necessary to obtain a permit.  Let’s get started! 


Permit Application 

Before starting your business, you must first research and read all safety documents necessary to apply for a permit. We recommend you read for detailed information. Here is a general checklist for you to start. 


Learn About the Types of Permits and Fees 

There are two types of food truck permits in Austin: Restricted and Unrestricted for mobile vendors. Restricted means you can only serve prepackaged food like wrapped tacos or prepackaged ice cream. You can serve open foods cooked in the mobile vendor facility for unrestricted permits. 

Get Your Vehicle Ready 

When applying for your permit, you must provide specific information regarding the vehicle you’ll drive. This includes its license plate number, make and model type, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). 

Type of Business 

In the application form, you’ll need to specify your business. Whether it is a corporation, partnership, LLC, or proprietorship. 

Assigning Responsibility for Permit Documentation

You must provide identification information to an assigned person in charge of your permit documentation. Such documentation includes renewal, alterations, or closing options.

Food Manager Certification Information 

To ensure employees are adequately trained to handle food, your establishment’s designated manager must have a Food Manager Certificate. This certifies that they have passed the necessary state-approved coursework and know how to handle food safely.

Selecting Your Operating Location

It’s imperative to identify the exact area where you’ll be running your mobile vendor, as it must reside within the boundaries of your permit.

Final Important Information 

Before opening your food truck business, you must sign specific contracts and agreements. You’ll need to specify the places and operating hours for your mobile venture, detail who will share a restroom, understand fire inspection safety requirements concerning propane use, and read up on all safety precautions in running a mobile business. Everything needs to be included within the application process, so it’s essential to get this information together beforehand. 

Expert Food Truck Builders in Texas: Trailer King Builders 

At Trailer King Builders, we know the ins and outs of building your food truck. We make dreams come true, offering personalized attention for our clients wanting to venture into the food truck business. All of our trucks follow permit regulations and are customized to each client’s needs. We also have food trucks for sale if that is what you need. 

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