Starting a Food Truck Business IV: Food Handler Training and a Food Manager Certificate

Jumping into the food truck business can be intimidating with all of its paperwork; however, rest assured that it doesn’t take long to get your company up and running! One essential element you must remember is acquiring a Food Manager Certificate. Let us jump in and discuss why obtaining this certificate is indispensable. Read on for more information!


Keep Food Safe For Customers

Maintaining customer satisfaction and avoiding any legal issues are both critical components of successfully running a food truck business, and this all starts with ensuring the safety of your customers’ meals. Not only should recipes be crafted from wholesome ingredients cooked appropriately, but also you must take measures to ensure that the food is stored correctly. 

Food security for everyone eating at your establishment is not something you can overlook if you hope to remain successful in today’s competitive market! 


Start By Getting the Food Handler Training 

To acquire a permit in Austin, any food vendor employees must take and pass the official Food Handler Training Course. This course educates participants on essential components of food safety suitable for: 

  • Storage and cooking methods, 
  • Personal hygiene standards when to discard particular types of foods, 
  • Avoidance of cross-contamination, 
  • Sanitation for equipment and appliances used for meal prep or service.  
  • Recognition of potential signs associated with foodborne illnesses.


Obtaining a Food Manager Certificate Is a Must

To be up to code, all food trucks must have one team member certified by an accredited program to manage their food. This certificate guarantees that the individual is trained to prepare, handle safely, and store foods at any operation hour.

Failure to meet these requirements may result in severe fines or other penalties.


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