Commercial Grease Trap 25lbs Stainless Steel Interceptor

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UPGRADED VERSION - Larger capacity; comes with outlet pipe, user manual & all accessories needed. The welding process is improved for a smoother welding port. Threads are added at the connect hook. Corners are rounded to prevent scratches. The cover inner side is added with a rubber ring to make sure no leakage. Also, the faucet is sealed with the ring.

EASY TO INSTALL - BEAMNOVA Grease Traps are delivered fully assembled and couldn't be easier to install. Just connect the pipe run from the sinks and dishwasher to the Grease Trap inlet. Then pipe the Grease Trap outlet directly to the drain. We recommend solvent weld pipe is used for a secure fit. Also, make sure the trap is on the flat floor.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL & WORKING EFFICIENCY - Made of heavy-duty 1.2mm thickness 201 stainless steel. Anti-rust, anti-corrosion, non-deformation long service life. Flowing speed up to 13 Gallons Per Minute (G.P.M.)

PRACTICAL DESIGN - Overall dimensions: 23.82" x 12" x 11.22"(L*W*H). Locking devices on both sides prevent side leakage of sewage. The faucet switch makes it easier to control the outlet of sewage. The lifting handle at the top allows easy transportation. Please carefully check the specifications of this product before purchasing to ensure that it complies with your local regulations.

OPERATING PRINCIPLE- Grease traps work on the basic principle that FOG's (Fats, oils & grease) float on water and solid particles sink. As the inflow of wastewater from the sinks enters the grease trap, the fats, oils, and greases rise to the surface and are trapped between the baffle plates. The baffles on the outlet prevent FOG's from flowing directly through the unit.

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