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It’s no surprise that the food trailer industry has grown exponentially over the last few years in Houston. After all, it’s come a long way from offering ice cream, pizza, or tacos to endless gourmet possibilities. These small businesses on wheels are highly profitable and an excellent investment for new and experienced entrepreneurs.

Trailer King Builders is your expert food trailer manufacturer in Houston, TX. We are committed to bringing your dream food trailer to life by assisting you from beginning to end. With over three years of experience in the industry, our team of professionals can tackle any size job.

The Booming Food Trailer Industry

The mobility aspect of a food trailer makes it an attractive business model for any business owner. Similarly, what attracts people to food trailers is their new proposal to get food in an entertaining and different environment.

Additionally, the food trailer industry offers numerous benefits that are hard to beat, such as low overhead costs, flexible location targeting, and less financial risk.

Start A New Business

Food trailers are an excellent option for new entrepreneurs as they require low initial investments. Another aspect that makes them highly profitable is the low overhead costs as they don’t need payments for utility bills, numerous employees, or rent.

Expand Your Business

If you already own a physical restaurant, investing in a food trailer could be an exciting and new twist for your business. You’ll be able to reach new locations and audiences at much lower operational costs. Also, food trailers allow you to expand your brand and experiment with different concepts to fit new markets.

Trailer King Builders: Houston’s Food Trailer Experts

Start a new business or expand your business’s scope by joining the food trailer industry. At Trailer King Builders, we offer everything from design to assembly. All our food trailers are 100% personalized to match your vision and style. We offer flexible financing options and repair services to keep your food trailer in the best shape. Request a no-obligation quote and get started today.

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