Thorough Repairs for Your Food Truck in Houston

Your food business’s future depends on the quality and performance of your food truck. Without the proper maintenance or repairs, your food truck can quickly become full of issues that will only hinder productivity and, ultimately, your profits.

Trailer King Builders offers the best food truck repairs in Houston, TX. Our licensed professionals will get the job done quickly and efficiently to guarantee your food truck is back in business in no time at all.

Common Repairs in Food Trucks

Even the highest-quality food trucks require occasional repairs to keep them in tip-top shape. Don’t be discouraged or anxious when your food truck shows signs of needing repairs; Trailer King Builders has your back. Here are some of the common repairs food trucks require.

Electrical System

The electrical system encompasses anything from spark plugs, fuses, turn signals, and batteries. Spark plugs and headlight bulbs require occasional replacements to improve fuel consumption. Also, batteries are at the core of your truck’s mechanism and need to be replaced eventually for optimal performance.

Fuel & Oil System

Fuel filters keep fuel injection and carburetor systems clean and running smoothly, so they should be changed regularly. Likewise, your food truck’s oil requires a change every few months to guarantee its mechanical integrity.


As with any vehicle, brakes should always be in the best possible condition to guarantee everyone’s safety. Brake pads require proper maintenance, and brake discs should be replaced from time to time to prevent accidents or injuries.

Repair Your Food Truck With Houston’s Experts

Trailer King Builders has a thoroughly trained and professional team ready to assist you with your food truck repair needs. With over three years of experience, our experts can quickly identify issues to address them as soon as possible to get your food truck back on the road. Our services include hood & fan installation and weld, electrical, hood fabrication, and more. 

We are also the premier location in Houston to help you pass inspections with flying colors. Get in touch with us for more information on our repair services or request a free quote.

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