Top Commercial Food Trailer Manufacturers in Houston

If you are a restaurant owner and are thinking about tapping into the food trailer industry, you’re in the right place. While a regular sit-down restaurant is profitable and functional, the benefits you could reap from also owning a food trailer are numerous.

At Trailer King Builders, we specialize in food trailer manufacturing and maintenance. We’ll help you roll out your beautiful mobile food business in no time.

Invest In A Food Trailer

Increasing your customer base and reach with a restaurant implies purchasing a new establishment or renting a new place, which can be extremely costly. With a food trailer, you’ll be able to reach any audience you desire, thanks to its portability. A business on wheels is the perfect way to expand your brand.

Lower Your Costs

Besides avoiding rent or mortgage payments, food trailers spare you expenses like additional utilities, cashiers, servers, hosts, and staff. You’ll also see a decrease in daily expenses as a mobile kitchen is cheaper to maintain and operate.

Reach New Locations

One of the most significant benefits of food trailers is their flexibility as far as location targeting. You decide where you want to place your trailer and what specific market you want to test. Best of all, if it doesn’t work out or you want more profitable results, all you have to do is drive to a brand new location and try again. 

Expand Your Brand

While most people are still fans of restaurants, there’s no denying that there is a rising demand for mobile food trailers. Tapping into this new industry can allow you to expand your brand and reach clients you otherwise wouldn’t get at your restaurant. Your food trailer can also help you experiment with different brand concepts to see what works best.

We Offer Flexible Financing Solutions

Trailer King Builders works directly with multiple financing companies to provide local business owners flexible payment options when purchasing one of our food trailers. Our 100% financing program allows you to avoid out-of-pocket expenses by bundling expenses like shipping and taxes.

Work With Your Local Food Trailer Experts

Expand your business’s scope and reach by investing in a mobile food trailer today. Trailer King Builders is your expert commercial food trailer manufacturer in Houston, TX. With over three years of experience in the industry, our team of qualified specialists will guide you through the whole process to make your food trailer dream come true.

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