What Permits Are Needed for a Food Truck in Texas?

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Start Your Food Trailer Business But First Learn Food Truck Permits in Texas

If you’re planning to start a food truck business, you may wonder what permits are needed for a food truck in Texas. Permits are necessary to ensure that your food truck meets all the health and safety requirements. You can face severe problems without having the right ones beyond losing your business.

Here, you can find the standard food trailer permits required in Texas. Keep reading and be well-informed before making a mistake!

Food Truck Permits That Are Required To Operate In Texas

If you want to know how to get a food truck permit in Texas, read this part. In order to operate legally, your food truck must have a license from the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). You will also need a local county health department permit where you plan to do business. You can get these permits by completing an application and paying the required fees.

Another permit is the Food Handler Cards, which the DSHS also requires. This permit is for all food truck employees who will be handling food. To get this permit, you must take a food safety course and pass an exam.

Reach out to the proper authorities to get more information on how to get started. Also, ensure you’re dealing with a legit mobile food vendor permit in Texas before paying the fees.


The Consequences Of Operating Without Permits

Fines: You can be fined hundreds or thousands of dollars if you’re caught operating your food truck without the proper permits.

Shut Down: If you can’t show the required permits, the health department has the right to shut down your food truck.

Legal Issues: You may also face legal problems if you don’t have the necessary permits. Be aware that customers can also sue you.

Get Your Permits & Customize Your Food Truck With Trailer King Builders

Before getting the proper food truck permits in Texas, customize your food truck to meet the standards. We can help you turn your mobile food business dreams into reality at Trailer King Builders. We’re experts at building from scratch and customizing trucks according to our clients’ expectations.

We know how hard it’s to start a new business; after all, we’re entrepreneurs too. Trailer King Builders wants to help you succeed in the mobile food industry. So, we offer competitive rates without compromising quality. Check out our website or contact us to learn more about what we can do for you!

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