What Should Be Included In Your Food Truck Menu?

There are many benefits of selling your food products at a food truck. Also, your customers will see the entire process, which gives them a sense of satisfaction and confidence.

Designing your menu, and considering how many items, and which, should be included on it is important since customers will know for sure and fast if you have what they are looking for.

How Many Items Should Be On A Food Truck Menu?

The number of items displayed on your food truck’s menu depends on the type of food you want to sell. Suppose you plan to sell burgers, then you should design different recipes to provide customers with a wide variety of hamburgers. You may choose to sell hamburgers and have your brand revolve around burgers and fries only.

However, you may also provide more options and sell fast foods in general. These may include pizza, sandwiches, milkshakes, tacos, hamburgers, and more.

Following are some ways to design your food truck menu and get the most out of your food truck investment.

Define Your Theme

As previously mentioned, start by determining the category of food you’ll be selling, whether it’s seafood, chicken-based foods, or ice cream.

If you sell only ice cream, be sure to include several flavors of ice cream. It could be like six or eight. However, if you’ll also be selling salty foods, you can have two ice cream flavors since you won’t be focusing only on desserts.

Define Your Core Items

Be sure to have a product that stands out that will be the one people will think about first when they think of your brand. Suppose you try to focus on too many items. In that case, chances are your brand won’t be recognized for any of them, making it forgettable.

Be sure to wisely pick that item that will be the face of your brand.

Use Imagery

woman presenting new menu for trailers

Don’t be plain and just list “Cheeseburger” as one of your items. Be descriptive and use mouthwatering adjectives that will give the customer a more specific description of your product. You can instead write: “Freshly grilled burger, seasoned with ground black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and kosher salt.”

Use Psychological Pricing

Instead of charging $6 for a meal, you can charge $5.99. What’s the difference, anyway? Customers unintentionally pay more attention to the first number on a price, so this marketing effort can get you more customers to buy your food.

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